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Dan and I being involved in photography for over 17 years, our daughter has become a fan of it as well. She has been dragged to weddings and other photo shoots for years, she has not appreciated the first hand teachings we have given her till now. Being our assistant she has picked up the trade fairly easy. 

My husband is the comic of the group. He likes to keep everyone laughing and moral positive. He is the fly by the seat of his pants photographer, always capturing those wild images.

I am the Organizer, the scheduler, the one that keeps the ground beneath us. I am the play it safe photographer, I sometimes step out of the box. I mostly have my go shots for everything with a twist to match the subjects. 

Together the three of us bring to you Our Day Wedding Photography

Located on Beautiful Ormond Beachside  in the Fountain Square Shops. We are the exclusive Wedding Division of  GotYaPhoto.com Photography

Studio Location 

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Fountain Square Shops

142 East Granada Blvd Suite 206

Ormond Beach, FL 32176

Phone or Text 386-214-6245

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